Product design innovation

We specialize in product design and brand design. We deliver solutions for leading global brands, start-ups and inventors.

About Us

Product Innovation and Product Development


StudioMoya in an industrial design consulting firm specializing in product design development, graphic design and 3D printed prototypes. Since 2009 we have created innovative product solutions and brands for clients in many industries including consumer products, housewares, children's products, computer peripheral devices, sports equipment, and commercial equipment.

3D Printing & Prototypes


We offer different levels of proof of concept mock-ups, ergonomic studies, functional models, invention prototypes, and appearance models as part of the product design and development process. We are 3D printing experts.

Packaging and Graphic Design


Creating your brand identity/logo, package design, website and social media content needs to be differentiated and consistent. Contact us to discuss how our graphic design services can make your brand impactful.

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